Comes Out of Darkness Morn

And so it begins.....
August 13th, late at night

One minute you’re sitting quietly having a drink and a few ales with friends and the next you’re surrounded by screaming lunatics, unquestionable violence, arcane outbursts and godly vengeance; in hind sight maybe those Orcs shouldn’t have burst into the “Welcoming Wench” Inn. I guess they thought it was an easy target, trying to set the place on fire; they thought wrong.

You know as a group were pretty new to the game, but were showing a certain flair when it comes to the violence. Ozark got the ball rolling by cutting down an Orc who had jumped dramatically onto a table. Zanthis lit up the place with his toys, that lightning Crossbow of his is quite the shocker. Korgul was a slow burner this fight, slow to anger he held on to his beer quaffing big gobby mouthfuls in between the sweeps of his axe. I cheered the group on as Arnack got around there flank, I’d swear that man has more determination than a groom on his wedding night. Headwin called for healing whilst battling the Orcs leader as my “arrow of warning” caught his attacker off guard and taking the wind out of their assault.

After the battle we healed the injured patrons and got the fire out securing the Inn, with a little help from those who had witnessed the attack. Sadly though several patrons didn’t make it and the attack was not isolated to the bar, more was happening outside, so without further a do, we made our way into the night.

Once outside we could hear several attacks and fights happening all over the town of Guldar. We headed to where our help was needed most. It didn’t take us long to find another foe worthy of our attention. A hug cart loaded with barrels was being pulled like a scene from hell. A huge begotten Ogre, Undead and chained to the cart, was pulling along two Orcs who were lighting the barrels and having the Undead Ogre hurl them into buildings bringing death and destruction raining down onto the town. This had to stop, and we were the ones who would do it.

It was a fierce fight Ozarck and Korgul, whom was running a little late leaving the Inn, charged the beast, bringing their combined fury upon it. Zanthis Stepped through the Feywilds onto the cart and engaged the two orcs, bravely outnumbering himself. The Ogre put up a good fight. It was not until our combined numbers, myself Zanthis and Arnack assaulting the Ogre allowing Headwin and Ozarck to shift positions for the killing blow to be struck by Headwins radiant Bastard Sword. As the Ogre fell down dead puling the cart crashing to the floor, Ozark jumped clear as the two orcs tumbled down and were soon dispatched.

What was disturbing was that the Undead Ogre had a demons symbol branded into its chest, the sign of “Loki”. This crazed assault of wanton destruction and fire is exactly how this demon gets off with hits foul Orc worshippers. As the fighting seems to be ending around us, I suspect many people will be realising that life is thwart with danger and death, exactly the sought of fear and chaos the demons like to spread and make people suffer. Well a little payback is what is needed, a certain counter strike to reassure the populace and to stop this atrocity from happening. First thing in the morning, I’m sure my compatriots and I will be the ones to look into this event and bring some closure to it for the sake of Guldar, for the Nation and for the World.

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