The Age of Legend
Surm and Jakana created the universe out of The Void, then formed the elemental Gods to help them shape their creation. The six Gods spun the energies of the universe into physical matter and moulded the stars and the worlds. They then populated their works with life, and together made seven more Gods to help guide the mortal races.

The Age of War
The golden age ended with the rise of The Demon Lords; evil destructive entities from The Abyss with powers close to that of The Gods. The War raged across the universe and countless millions fell in the ongoing struggle. Eventually one of the Gods sacrificed himself to destroy one of the Demon Lords. The unexpected loss of one of their number threw The Demon Lords into chaos and The Gods were able to defeat them and imprison them forever in The Abyss, ending the war.

The Veiling: Shortly after the war, The Gods decided that the mortal races were now mature enough to carry on without their direct presence. The Gods retreated into their Domains in the heavens and since have only guided their worshippers through dreams, omens and occasionally by sending immortal messengers.

The Age of Peace
Over the next few centuries the mortal races slowly recovered from the great war. New homelands were settled, empires rose and fell, and trade and communication between the various planes were established. To some extent the age is mislabelled, but the battles and conflicts between the newly forming realms were sedate in comparison with that which had gone before.

The Age of Chaos
Approximately four hundred years after the end of the war the relative peace of the planes was shattered by the arrival of Magic. Giant magical surges known as Chaos Storms rampaged across the lands mutating and gifting mortals and creatures with arcane powers. Civilisations fell as its citizens suddenly gained the ability to destroy everything around them in uncontrollable rages. Meanwhile vicous mockeries of the mortals, such as goblins, orcs and trolls, appeared and attacked the devastated mortals.

The Age of Magic (the current age)
After about twenty years the worst of the Chaos Storms ended and the mortal survivors started to rebuild their societies and drive back the goblinoid races which the chaos had birthed. Empires and kingdoms rose and fell, races clashed, magical societies emerged and powerful creatures made their presence known.

The Mage Wars: Rumours of a secret society of mages dedicated to the overthrow of all existing rulers arose. Persecution of those gifted with Arcane abilities grew, especially in the human nations, and in some cases became sanctioned by both secular and religious powers. Whilst some mages decided to withdraw from society or hid themselves, others elected to fight back and in some cases created the very menace the persecution aimed to stop. Eventually the clashes between the mages (either amongst themselves or against their opponents) became larger and more widespread. The Emperor of the largest human realm found himself pitted against his brother, leading to a civil war and the collapse of possibly the greatest civilisation the world had known since The Age of Legend.

The recovery from this period took many years. The old empire arose from the ashes, but this time it was not unopposed in its rulership of the land. The non-human races became more withdrawn and for the most part kept to their own lands leaving the humans to contend the rest of the realm as long as they did not stray over their borders. Eventually the realm settled down into a relatively peaceful era after the humans established a number of kingdoms that proved stable, not counting a number of small-scale skirmishes.


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