Historically the majority of Durtarge live their lives in a rigid caste system ruled by the priests of Carreg and the mages. Below them are the craftsmen and artisans, then the warriors and hunters and finally the labourers, farmers and workers. Durtarge may only marry those of their caste and all offspring are given ranked in the same caste as their mothers. The exceptions are babies born showing one of the Marks of Carreg: physical signs that the baby is destined to belong to another caste.
  • Any baby born with blue eyes are immediately taken and given to a family of the priest/mage class.
  • Any baby born with 6 fingers are placed with an artisan family
  • Any baby born a Goliath become part of a warrior class family
  • Any baby born with a birthmark are placed with a workers family.

Traditionally all Durtarge were ruled by The Twelve; six priest and six mages based in the grand temple of Carreg at the heart of the capital city in their underground kingdom. When Carreg departed he left them The Book of Law which The Twelve use to keep the Durtargin society in accord to Carreg’s plan.

During the plague years everything changed. The Durtargin homeland was sealed off with 90% of the population inside. Three years later the whole of the vast underground complex completely vanished (not just the people, but the whole realm). Now where once there was cities, mines and caverns full of herds and farms, there is but solid rock. In the years since the Durtargin society has fallen apart as the majority of Durtarges living on the surface were outlaws or outcasts. The exception are a few groups and outposts who are clinging desperately to their traditions lead by the very few priest/mages who were out of the kingdom when it was sealed.

  • Stats = same as books.
  • Magic = tradition mages made up part of the ruling class and no member of another cast would even consider training in the arcane. Since the plague and the collapse of the traditions more and more Durtarge are seeking magical knowledge. Magic Artificing was a dwarves creation and remains the most common magic class.
  • Divine = although all gods were acknowledged, Durtarges traditional only became divine classes devoted to Carreg. Since the plague the rising number of non-traditionalist survivors have embraced the other gods too.
Not a true separate race, the Goliath are Durtarge born destined to belong to the Warrior caste as shown by the Mark of Carreg which manifests as naturally occurring stone embedded in their skin along with dark markings over their face and body.
  • Stats = same as books.
  • Magic = all theoretically possible, but traditionally Goliath would not be allowed to learn or particle magic under fear of excommunication and banishment.
  • Religion = although all gods were acknowledged, dwarves traditional only worshipped Carreg and no Goliath would have been permitted into the priesthood. Since the plague the rising number of non-traditionalist survivors have embraced the other gods too.


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