After the Great War a number of Eladrin chose to settle in the mortal realm and the Ecal Emir are their descendants. The majority of the Ecal Emir live in the great forests on the western side of the continent, although a few can be found spread over the rest of the land travelling or settled in their own communities those of other races (most commonly Humans and Halflings).

Over the centuries the Ecal Emir had separated into two co-existing societies – the Wild Elves and the Wood Elves. The Wild Elves base their lives around the study of the natural world and how it likes to the various planes, most noticeable the Elemental Chaos, and as such favour the arcane and primal classes. They tend to live in fairly large permanent communities which are a mix of living wood and ornately crafted stone. The Wood Elves live as close to natural as they can and favour small nomadic groups who take their subsistence from the forest and leave as little trace as possible of their passage. They tend to follow primal or martial classes.

The Ecal Emire have good relations with the Halflings of the great swamp but are more wary of the Human kingdoms which abut their eastern edge. A number of both formal treaties and informal agreements protect the majority of the forest whilst allowing logging of the edges.

  • Stats = as in book, feats as in forgotten realms guide
  • Magic = all permissible
  • Region = both societies favour Jakana although the Wild elves also look to Viden and Jedulas


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