The Eladrin are, for the most part, inhabitants of the Feywild. Occasionally some come to visit the mortal realm and some even choose to live here, but both are rare. The heyday of the Eladrin has long faded but a few kingdoms and cities exist (some of which cross over to the physical world at various intervals).

Eladrin class themselves as members of one of two groups: Sun Eladrin or Moon Eladrin (originally a third group, the Star Eladrin existed but they betrayed their race during The Great War and were killed or banished). Sun Eladrin mainly focus on their physical being and favour martial classes (although wardens and swordmages are not uncommon). The Moon Eladrin train and expand their minds and spirits and favour the arcane classes.

The family is at the centre of Eladric social structures, and having the right name can open doors to some that would remain closed to others. In addition each family is more often than not aligned to one of the Fey Courts.

  • Stats = same as book
  • Magic = Edladrin favour the Bard, Warlock, Swordmage and Wizard paths, but all are possible.
  • Relgion = majority dedicated to Viden or Jakana but all are valid.


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