The Genasi are a race with a short but violet history. They appeared during the Age of Choas and were originally persecuted as degenerate humans. However, unlike the other degenerate results of the Chaos (such as the Orcs, Goblins etc) some of the Churches found that the Genasi could be invested and become divine classes which only the Souled were able to do.

Despite this the Genasi have rarely been accepted in any community in great numbers and often faced open prejudice. This came to a head during the Plague where they where often the first scapegoat even though they were as open to the disease as most. However, the plague led to one positive thing for them.

During the plague a Genasi called Ki-Amar escaped a mob by stealing a boat and taking his family out to sea. Although they tried stayed close to the coast a sudden storm pushed them out into dangerous waters. Unexpectedly they where not attacked and ended up accidentally discovering a narrow but safe passage to an large island that had previously been out of reach to the mainland. Making sure his family was safely disembarked, Ki-Amar navigated the passage back to the mainland and started to gather up other dispossessed Genasi and ferry them to safety on the island.

News of this shelter somehow spread after the plague was over and more and more Genasi made their way there. Even though the island was uninhabited, its proximity to the Halvornian coast meant that it has long been consider part of the Kingdom. Although some members of the court advised that the island should be formally claimed in the King’s name and the Genasi interlopers dispelled, King Dalison chose to instead send General Bel-Kalin, a Genasi war hero, to open negotiation with the Islanders.

As a result of this the Island, now officially named Haven, was granted semi-independence under the rule of an elected group of three and is now the first Genasi homeland.

  • Stats – As book
  • Magic – all permissible
  • Reglion – all permissible (tend to favour Vuur, Gaoth, Ushtay, Carreg and Skarlun (as he was the first God to accept Genasi vows)


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