SURM – Greater God
Rulership: death, mortality, peace, destruction, entropy, time
Domains: Death, destruction, fate

JAKANA – Greater Goddess
Rulership: life, creation, nature, fertility, untamed, hunting
Domains: Creation, life, wilderness

VUUR – Elemental God
Rulership: Fire, war, anger, strength, determination
Domains: strength, war

GAOTH – Elemental Goddess
Rulership: Air, justice, honour, oaths, truth
Domains: Justice, storm

USHTAY – Elemental Goddess
Rulership: water, commination, trade, wealth, travel
Domains: Sea, freedom

CARREG – Elemental God
Rulership: Earth, order, labour, craft, steadfastness
Domains: Skill. earth

JEDULAS – Lesser Goddess
Rulership: prophecy, consolation, dreams, sleep
Domain: Fate, change

QUMESHTI – Lesser Goddess
Rulership: motherhood, healing, nurturing, farming
Domains: Hope, life

CAGAILT – Lesser God
Rulership: protection, civilisation, respite, hearth
Domains: Civilisation, protection

VIDEN – Lesser God
Rulership: Music, arts, magic, study
Domains: Arcana, knowledge

SKARLUN – Lesser God
Rulership: artifice, illusion, luck, insight
Domain: luck, trickery

DASHARIA – Lesser Goddess
Rulership: Emotions, charm, desire, beauty
Domain: love, strife


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